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Welcome everyone to KMB & Co., formally Fit Real, and the first post on my new site! I originally started Fit Real at fitrealblog.wordpress.com (feel free to check out some of my older posts), and decided it was time to step things up, and change things out. So welcome to the all-new KMB & Co. website!

I have always been a pretty open person, but when it comes to my weight, and my struggles with it, I have only been totally open to a handful of people. Out of frustration at feeling alone in my battles, or basic sheer embarrassment, I have routinely kept my thoughts and feelings to myself. But ladies and gents, times they have changed.

At the beginning of 2017, the hubby and I decided that it was time to buckle down and work on our health. After struggling for so many years with being overweight, we both knew that the only way we were going to truly be happy with ourselves, was to start taking better care of ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t base my worth and my happiness on my weight. But if I struggle on being able to keep up with my children, or feeling attractive to my husband (who I am blessed to have love me, no matter my size), my weight does impact what makes me happy.

I am incredibly blessed to have my husband taking part in this journey alongside me. Having his support and partnership has helped me get through numerous struggles and setbacks. But at the end of the day, I am the one who has to take the actions to better myself. I choose what to eat. I choose when to workout. And that can be the ultimate struggle. As wonderful as having his support is, I also knew that I needed to hold myself more accountable, and it was time to open myself up to the world, for better or for worse.

I originally created Fit Real about six months after we started our journey. At that point I had lost about 40 pounds. I initially created it as a site to help share tips and tricks I was learning along the road, in an unedited, “real” way. But I realized that if I was going to be “real” to myself, I needed to be completely open, and be vulnerable in showing my struggles and successes with getting fit. So what initially began as a site to help share fitness info, evolved into starting my personal fitness diary, covering all topics concerning kuisine (that isn’t a typo), mind, and body. A place to share my (semi) daily efforts, what is working, what isn’t, and in the end, possibly be a support to others who may be going through the same issues.

Thank you for joining me on the newest stage of my fitness journey! There will be laughter, tears, possibly a few swear words, and hopefully a little inspiration along the way. Getting fit is hard work. Not always complicated, but it can be hard. I mean really, chocolate peanut butter ice cream can be hard to pass up! 

Thanks again for joining me, and I look forward to what the future has in store for KMB & Co.!

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