Make Today Your “Monday”

In every journey to getting fit, there are successes, and there are setbacks. After a few weeks of weekend trips, sporting events, and a full on family vacation, the scale has crept not-so-subtly back upwards.

Getting fit is not a linear journey. It’s not the sack slide at the country fair, with just a couple bumps, but a quick and steady downward momentum. It’s the roller coaster. The tough climb upwards, struggling with the weight, finally accepting the need to get healthy, and getting the motivation to get started to push you over that first hill. Initially, the results can be quick and exhilarating, but unfortunately, there are always more hills, and loops, and potential nausea.

Just before we left for vacation, I had officially lost a full 50 pounds. The mixture of shock and pride was overwhelming. As great as it was, I had hit the bottom of my first big hill. Then came what is becoming our annual family trip to the lake. Along with that were bbq steaks, craft beer, and a lot of ice cream. Fast forward to now, and a few of those initial pounds lost have not surprisingly been found.

But today is my Monday. My day to start fresh, reassess my diet and workout, and refocus. It’s too easy to be habitual, and say “I’ll start Monday”, and then spend the next few days gorging on high calorie food, and being lazy, dreading the start of the next week. It becomes an eat it all mentality, because you will have nothing come Monday.

Why put off until Monday what you can do today?

I know I will never be a rabbit. I enjoy burgers too much. But I also know “everything in moderation”. An all or nothing mentality has only caused failures in the past, so now I allow myself a treat every now and then. But I can’t allow my treats to become everyday, which unfortunatly happened during my relaxation time. What’s done is done, and it is time to move on, and get back on track.

If you’ve fallen off track, or just need to get on the coaster, don’t postpone the inevitable. The longer you wait, the more impossible the inevitable will feel. It’s not impossible. Not necessarily easy, but not impossible. You’ve got this! Today is a new day. Make today your Monday.

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