Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma…Say That 10 Times Fast

Not to get too somber, or blunt, but cancer sucks. Like hardcore sucks. It’s well known that October is breast cancer awareness month, but what is lesser known is that it is also liver cancer month. Unfortunately my life has been touched by both. Two of my aunt’s have been breast cancer survivors, and sadly, my mother-in-law lost her battle before I was able to meet her. But liver cancer hits even closer to home. My husband has been battling a rare liver cancer for almost 13 years.

While there is a generous amount of funding for breast cancer research, but rare cancers can recieve little to no federal research funds. Unfortunately this means they have to rely heavily on public donations. The only way the public can make a donation is if they even know a cancer exists.

My husband has been battling a Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a rare cancer that typically starts in the liver, but can spread to areas such as the lungs, and even the bones. It shows in less than a thousand cases a year, and neither gender or age seem to be contributing factors. As it can vary between patient to patient, there is no standard therapy.

This isn’t a call for pity, this is a call for awareness. Please visit the Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation to learn more about fibrolamellar, and if you feel lead, ways you can help.

Change can’t happen until people know it’s necessary.

We were recently blessed to hear that my husband is currently disease free. While that was an answer to our prayers, we also know that this disease can be fickle, and it probably isn’t the last time we will be dealing with it. He doesn’t have his next appointment until May, so until then, we enjoy every moment as a family, and spread the word, so others may have the same chance as well.

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