I’m Sorry Scale…It’s Not You, It’s Me

“Dear scale, we need to talk. I think it’s time we take a break, and see other people. Don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me.”

Me, Myself, and I

I’ve decided for the rest of the month of October I am taking a break from my scale. I usually weigh myself every Sunday morning, but for now, it’s time to step off and away. When trying to lose weight, at times I think the scale is just as addictive as sugar. It becomes an obsessive hamster wheel. Constantly checking your weight, always striving to see a lower number; preferably a lower one each time. If it isn’t going down as fast as you would like, potentially making unhealthy choices to see it go lower. Cutting calories. Pushing your body harder to burn more. Hopping back on the scale to see if there is change. Aaaand around you go again. You lose sight of the whole point of what losing weight is about.

And can we talk about the feelings of defeat and frustration when it doesn’t show the number you want?! How many of us have said things like this:

Why do I bother?
Nothing I do seems to make a difference.
I just can’t lose weight.
I am such a failure at weight loss!

Collective hand raise please!!! If these, or similar thoughts have not run through your head at some point, my friend, high five and more power to you! For the rest of us, this negative thinking is what can be the catalyst to our efforts demise. We put so much emphasis on how much we weigh, based on societal, or potentially unhealthy BMI standards (talk to your doctor), that we discredit every other indicator of progress that we obtain! Looser clothes, more energy, a better sex life! (Just sayin…sorry mom for the TMI.)

I was working out the other night, feeling strong, proud of how it was going. My squats were deep, form was great, and I was feeling in my element. Then I looked in the mirror. The picture I had in my head, and what stared back at me were two different people. All I could see were my imperfections, and most apparently, my weight. I immediately discounted all of those original feelings of satisfaction and pride. My thoughts immediately went to the scale, and wondering if I pushed myself a little more, would it be lower in the morning. “Got to get rid of this spare tire!” As I got on my bike to work on my cardio, I started realizing where my thought process was going, and had to force myself to remember all the reasons I’m working out. Specifically, non-scale related reasons.

Is a major goal of mine to get under 200 pounds? Of course! But my other goals include better heart health, higher stamina, and less joint pain. I also want my actions to be a good example for two sets of small eyes, who watch everything I do. Particularly, I have a baby girl who will look to me on how to be a woman. I want her and her brother to see fitness as a way of life, not a means to an end. Fitness and healthy living is a lifestyle, and the numbers on the scale are only part of the big picture. The scale is only a tool, not proof of your worth.

For now, I am holding off on weighing myself until November 1st. I am even having my hubby hide the scale from me so I don’t cheat! I want to refocus on letting my accomplishments, and how I physically feel, dictate my success and progress. Not the numbers at my feet. I’ve already come so far, and am in the best shape I’ve been in in years. I cannot, and will not, judge myself by what the machine says. So I’m sorry scale, but we need to take break. It’s not you; it needs to be about me.

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