Breaking News – I’m Human!


I admit it. I have fallen off the fitness wagon. Maybe not completely fallen off. I think I’m still holding on with my fingernails. Okay, maybe a fingernail, while I lick ice cream off my other ones.

But here’s the deal. I’m human. Shocking, I know! Life throws obstacles at us that can make it tricky to stay on track, whether it’s with our diets, our budgets, or in my case, both. Recently, we had a huge medical bill thrown at us, and it felt like a punch to the stomach. My husband’s car is finally heading to the autobahn in the sky, and we decided to give having a single car a try. Top that off with me taking on some freelance writing work, which has become more time consuming than expected, and cut into my blogging schedule. Needless to say, we have felt a little stressed out, and we are both stress eaters. And stress eating equals sugar.

We’ve all heard it, but it is so true; sugar has the same addictive qualities as cocaine. Once you get that taste, you want more. More ice cream, more cookies, more M&Ms. And if I’m honest with myself, no, the protein in a peanut M&M does not make it healthy. Add mindless snacking, and it’s all a recipe for disaster. Now I’m not one for cutting things out completely, except soda, which has zero nutritional value. Moderation is the key. Unfortunately, moderation has not been in my vocabulary as of late.

I also think that stepping away from the scale has decreased my accountability. Out of sight, out of mind. How often people should weigh themselves can be a very personal thing, as it motivates us all differently. As for myself, weighing myself once a week has worked okay in the past, but may need some adjustment moving forward. I haven’t felt much change in my waistband, but most of my pants have a little stretch, so that doesn’t help. And yes, leggings can be pants in some situations. (Use your best judgement ladies…remember, they’re a privilege, not always an option!)

All this means that a few extra pounds have, not so subtly, crept back. But here’s where mindset comes into play. Am I frustrated with myself? Yes. Do I regret some of the food I’ve eaten? Definitely. Is it tough when fighting colds inhibits your workouts? Of course. Does this mean I failed, and should quit? ABSOLUTLY NOT!


My mom and I had a little girls getaway to the beach this last weekend, and it was relaxing, with amazing weather, and a gorgeous view of the sunset from our balcony. But it also made me realize how I used it as another excuse to “treat” myself. Road trips have always meant gas station snacks. Relaxing dinners are made better with a cold beer. No trip to the beach is complete without an ice cream cone.

Well I’m back from the beach, Halloween is over, and it is the beginning of a new month. The sun has set on my mindless eating, and poor choices. Again, I’m human, so I’m sure it doesn’t mean I will never eat another piece of chocolate. Did I mention Halloween just passed?! But it does mean it’s time to reign things in, strongly think about every bite I put in my mouth, and try to get active again. Luckily, my hubby and I are supporting each other, and working together to keep stress from completely sabotaging our hard work.

I’m reading a new book, which depending on how things go, I may have an update on at a later date. But one of the steps it has, is to weigh yourself every day for one month. So that’s what I’m going to start doing, and as of this morning, my weight is 239.4. Yikes! Can’t believe I admitted to that in writing! We’ll see where I’m at a month from now. One step at a time, one day at a time. For now, it’s time to go eat a candy…CARROT, it’s time to eat a carrot. ARGH!

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